~~Hey Jess I just want to thank you for the beautiful job you guys did on our house this morning. It was such a delight to come home to a clean house. Valerie

Hey there :) thank you again for coming over today. Beautiful job. And most importantly my husband noticed. He commented to me when I got home at the end of the day. Tell your great staff thank you too.
Marie P

~~"Getting in a freshly made bed for a nap is the best feeling ever!!!! Thank you Jess and Less Mess for always doing a great job"
Krista P.

"Less Mess you sure know the way to my girls' hearts!!!!! It's my FAV day of the week when you come you make my house sparkle!
Krista P.

I haven't had such clean shower doors in years! It honestly looks new!
Tom J.
 I had been recovering from surgery and needed someone to mow my yard. I was surprised to see you really showed up and took care of it!  Mark J.

I wasn't too sure how it would all turn out--I've always done my own housework . I didn't realize how great it is to have it done for me--I'm sold! Hurry Back!  Lee G.

Jess! You're staff is awesome!!!! It was great to come home to a freshly cleaned home! I'm so glad we called you! Sarah P.

I know it is time-consuming since I have 3 hairy mutts, but I wanted you to know that I notice, and am grateful! Also- that you empty my vacuum when you are done. I so appreciate it!
~~Just wanted to say thank you so much for the cleaning...the bathrooms look amazing!!! I'll contact you after the holidays for another cleaning! Thanks again!
Laura Q:
I went to a concert and got home late and it was great walking into a clean house. It blows my mind how much stress has been alleviated since you started. -krystal

Hey Jess, thanks again for the job you guys did on my house. The owners came over and asked if I had caulked the bathrooms since they were so clean and white. -Rich

Nesting big time, moving decor around, and just glanced into the China hutch. Everything in there looks so beautiful already [😍] I should've figured you and your team were that thorough with routine cleanings. No one has ever done that for me before! AWESOME! -Bekah

OMG! we are so happy that for once we don't have to come home and groan when we walk in the door! You do such phenomenal work.
I love how well you guys vacuum my carpet!!!