Whole House Special Basic Cleaning Package Includes Cleaning of :

Bathrooms: Showers, tub, vanity, sink, toilet, floor Kitchen (inside the microwave, stovetop, outside of appliances, counters, sink, (if accessible)  and linoleum floor)

General Household Dusting and Vacuuming,


Add On Services :


Glass shower doors: $15.00 ea

Jetted Tubs: $10.00 each

Hardwood/ Tile Floor $5.00 each area (bathrooms excluded)

Stainless Steel Appliances Surfaces Exterior Cleaned: $5.00 ea

Additional Services such as Deep Cleaning are Available.

Please note for the First Time Clean:

Often the first time we come it may take longer than expected should we encounter needs for deep cleaning. If that is a possibility for your situation, you might want to get the MOVE OUT Package since it centers more around deep cleaning which everyone needs at least once before they go onto a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance program.

Ask for your New Customer $10.00 one-time discount!


OVE OUT PACKAGES –  Starting at 225.00*  Includes *6 hours of cleaning. This is a customizable package based on individual needs but is based on getting the major areas in the house and appliances clean as deep down as possible.  *6 hours is a base starting point and is minimum that you could expect.  

  Customized Packages available for your special needs. We can work off of a priority list based on your desires. We can create a Grade A Clean for you, I will let you know, that most people underestimate the real work that is needed for Grade A cleaning. So just keep that in mind; I will discuss this with you once we see your property).

Options Include:

Bathrooms (top to bottom),
Kitchen (floors/etc.),
Appliances or Cabinets (inside and out),
Baseboards, Walls,
Windows and Window Sills,
Window Tracks,
Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans etc. 
General Surface Clean,  

Call me for your personalized, free quote.

 I will come out to talk to you about all of the options

(Ceiling Fans, Ledges, High Spots, Windows Blinds, Beams extra as add-ons). 

Standard Pricing: 

3 Bed/2 Bath $105.00

4 Bed/3 Bath $130.00  

Adding two more hours is worth thinking about if you just want to feel comfortable that the job will include some of the other items that picky Landlords will look at. Check t

Also, the extra hours (after 6) are at a discounted rate with a MOVE OUT PACKAGE; It is well worth the service! 


My crews and I are happy to customize any service!